Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet our Maia =)

We are having a baby girl! =) Wee! I'm so excited to meet our little angel. =)

We finally had our 4d ultrasound last Friday (April 17) on my 25th week of pregnancy. Many would say that I should have it much later - around 28-30 weeks - so the baby will have some "chub" and be cuter in the ultrasound. Oh well, I can't wait that long. ;-) As soon as we got our OB's go signal it was only a matter of time and choice of where to have the ultrasound. We eventually settled with having the ultrasound closer to home at the MV Santiago Medical Center in SM Dasmarinas. Apart from the convenience, it was also the cheapest 4d ultrasound that we were able to canvass. Although the package may not be as good as In My Womb, the price difference of P1,200 was our final deciding factor. 'Nuff said. Meet Maia, our sweet little girl. =)
Maia was very cooperative all throughout the ultrasound. I have been talking to her since morning, telling her to show her face and gender. She's a very good baby and she listened to mommy. =) She was facing front and was even doing poses during the video. I think she looks like her daddy but I bet she'll have my eyes. =)

Then it was time to see the gender. The doctor had a difficult time catching a glimpse of the gender at first because of the umbilical cord blocking his view. He made me lie on my side to get a better picture and there it was - the three slits that showed our baby was a girl. =) Of course Carl had to go and say, "Doc baka magbago pa yan paglabas ng baby." To which the doctor replied, "Hindi. Sure na girl na ito."

Carl was understandably more nervous to have a girl, as he confided to me later on. "Hon, paano kung nagka-mens na sya?", he asked. What a really strange thing to be worried about. I had to reassure him that I'll be the one taking care of all the female stuff and went on to say, "Mag-alala ka na lang kung gusto na nyang magka-boyfriend. How old mo ba sya papayagan?" He quickly replied, "21." Aba! Mukhang pinag-isipan na talaga ng hubby ko yung future ng baby namin. Hahaha!

The next day, on our 6th month anniversary, my darling husband brought home two dozen roses. One dozen for me and one dozen for Maia - proudly saying that he is the first guy to give Maia flowers. Awww... How sweet! =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Light Welterweight ala Manny Pacquiao

We just had our monthly checkup last Saturday and guess what? I gained 10pounds in just a month! I tipped the scales at 142lbs! Ano ba yun!?! I was really shocked, to say the least. And I'm putting the blame on Chowking and Razon's halo-halo. Ang init kasi eh kaya tuloy payo sa akin ni Papa mag-ice water na lang daw ako. Huhuhu.

Aside from my weight fiasco and the occasional heartburn, my pregnancy is progressing very well. I have a definite bump showing -- not like my mini-bump of last month. We are also scheduling our gender ultrasound check this Wednesday. We are so excited. I'll be uploading photos as soon as I get them. =)