Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After 4 years...

Thank God I recalled the link to my blog! :) 

Wait, so my last post was in 2011? That was 4 years ago!! And I can attest that A LOT can happen in just 4 years. So ano na nga ba ang mga kaganapan sa buhay ni Gladysmais?

1. Four years ago, I was enjoying my only child, Maia. Today, I have not one, not two but three children! In the semiconductor manufacturing setting, that is what they refer to as HVM or High Volume Manufacturing. In INTEL terms, I am at 150% VOLPAS and 100% LIPAS. Meet my kiddos -- Maia (6 years old), Leia (2 years old) and Caden (3 months old). Cute, aren't they? Good genes is all I can say. :)
My babies

2. We finally got our house renovated. We now have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (the master bath with multipoint heater and bathtub), a modular kitchen with granite counters (oh yeah!), and an empty bank account. So taking my inspiration from the 7 dwarves, "I owe, I owe. Its off to work I go!".

3. Carl also got me a new car for my birthday last year. How I wish it was my dream car but since we (ergo my husband) are practical Ilocanos, we got the Innova instead. It is a good purchase. The entire family --- Mom+Dad, kids, yayas, lolos and lola, titas and tito... Ay wait, ang dami. Dapat ata Jeep na lang binili namin. :) We are a growing family and on sane days, I'm really loving it! Kaya dream car RAV4, dream ka na lang muna. Makakamit din kita bago ako mag-Senior Citizen!

4. I am working at a new company! Still in Alabang and still in semiconductor and still blessed to be in a family-oriented company. Loving my Work-Life balance!

These are the major events in my life for the past 4 years. Hope to blog more in the coming days! Sana naman hindi abutin ng 4 years before I blog again. So, until then --- Ciao!