Monday, May 18, 2009


Seeing our almost complete house last Saturday made me realize all over again that I'm in a whole new phase in my life. I have left behind days of pancit canton dinners and spur-of-the-moment gimiks. I now have a baby on the way and a husband at my side -- and I couldn't be any happier. =)

Seeing our house was like having a medal hung around our necks at graduation. This house is the tangible product of several years of hard work - sweat and tears (on my part) included. With guidance from our parents and blessings from the one Above -- this is finally it. Our very own home. =)

House construction - January 2009

House construction (side view) - April 2009

House construction - April 2009

Model House

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Pregnancy Weight Gain

I now realized that I should have kept better track of my weight since the start of this pregnancy. All I remember now is my pre-pregnancy weight (122lbs), my 24weeks weight (142lbs) and my most recent weight at 29weeks (150lbs). So far, I have gained 28lbs during my pregnancy. My OB tells me to keep my total weight gain at 25pounds. I'm actually 3pounds over my OB's limit but I have read in several books and websites that a weight gain between 25-35 pounds is expected for a woman with normal BMI. =) Here is a general pregnancy weight breakdown from

7 - 9 pounds of baby
2 pounds of placenta
2 pounds of amniotic fluid
4 - 5 pounds of increased blood volume
2 pounds uterine enlargement
3 - 4 pounds of fluid in maternal tissue
1 pound of breast enlargement to prepare for breastfeeding
Any remaining pounds are a general deposit of fat required by the body for
breastfeeding and energy stores

Wow! 1pound on the breasts.. =) Anyway, no worries. I feel that I'm still within normal range. I'll have to cut down on the halo-halo and sweets though.

Very soon we will start shopping for baby stuff. I got my list prepared thanks to my officemate, mommy Paula. =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Thoughts

It felt kind of weird to be the recipient of Mother's day greetings yesterday. I just feel like I don’t have sufficient “credentials” yet in order to carry the title of “Mother”. Carl tells me I’m just in denial. I think not. I just have a different definition of motherhood. For me, motherhood is when you play an active role in the growth of a child – teaching, caring, loving. By this definition, one need not necessarily carry the child for nine months to be considered a mother. In my life, I am very lucky and blessed to have two mothers. My beautiful & intelligent Mama Jo and my equally beautiful & intelligent Mamang Helen. By the example of these two, I am confident that I will be the best mom for Maia. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama in heaven and to my Mamang in Zamboanga. You two are the best! =)

First birthday with Papa and Mama

Wedding day with Papa and Mamang

Pregnancy update: I am now 28weeks and 4 days pregnant with our little girl Maia. Her hard kicks and acrobatics from the last month is now more of a yoga-like motion. I guess she’s running out of room in there. =) My heartburn is also less frequent but I still feel so bloated. I have stopped wearing my wedding ring on my finger for fear that I won’t be able to take it off anymore. I have also purchased new slippers (size 10 from a size 7!) and undergarments (XL panties and bra 40C). My change is cup size is just astounding! I was just 37B before pregnancy and they say it will be much bigger when I start breastfeeding! Sayang naman all my pre-pregnancy bras if I don’t get to wear them again… I’m still lazy. I just watch TV while Carl does the cooking and washing of dishes. I so, so spoiled. =) All I do at home is sleep and eat. I do some house chores too – like press the buttons on our automatic washing machine and let Carl take care of hanging the laundry out to dry. Hehehe. =) I’ll be having my monthly check-up this Tuesday and I guess my weight will be around 150 lbs. I will be really freaked out if I tip the scales at 160 lbs (Please God.. Not 160).

PTC Rainy Summer Outing at 27weeks pregnant